The Blue Spiral- Public Art Mosaic Patio

natural stone mosaic patio

The Blue Spiral is a natural stone mosaic patio created for the City of Gainesville, Florida

About the Blue Spiral Stone Mosaic

In in the fall of 2011, Hammerhead Stoneworks installed a stone mosaic called Blue Spiral in Gainesville, Florida. Commissioned by the City of Gainesville, it is a 225 square foot stone mosaic patio. The design is inspired by the fossil rich limestones of Florida. Like the process of discovering a seashell embedded in an ancient rock, a nautilus shape in the patio emerges to the eye slowly. The intersecting lines suggest water steadily wearing away the matrix surrounding the fossil, stone slowly giving up its secrets. Several types of stone are used, accenting color and texture in the final piece. The stone mosaic is dry laid over sand; there’s no cement or grout. It is installed in a public courtyard at the new campus of the Gainesville Regional Utilities Eastside Operations Center. It is functional art, serving as something lovely to admire and contemplate as well as a patio space.

Top Ten Stonework Photos

A detail of the mosaic patio, public art piece “The Blue Spiral”

LOCATION: Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU) Eastside Operations Center, Gainesville, Florida
DATE: September 2011
DIMENSIONS: 15′ by 15′ patio
COMMISSIONED BY: City of Gainesville, Florida Art in Public Places Trust
PROJECT MANAGEMENT: John Hayes for Gainesville APPT, Howard Rivers for GRU
DESIGNED BY: Marc Archambault
FABRICATED BY: Marc Archambault
INSTALLED BY: Marc Archambault

Hammerhead Stoneworks accepts commissions on public and private mosaic works. We are happy to design a piece- large or small- for you, or work from your design. Please contact Marc Archambault at (828) 337-7582 or e-mail him

Updates from the process

Shop layout
Furled (done with cutting…)
The Dust Planet
Getting started

Florida Public Art Announcement regarding the stone mosaic (PDF)