Front yard patio and wall

Front Yard Patio & Wall

I don’t always get to see the work I’ve built after it’s been landscaped and finished, but as I’m working on the second phase of this new front yard, I was able to view it. The first part, completed over the winter has grown in nicely. I took these photos this morning, after a night of steady rain.

This project was designed by Tony Hauser of Altamont Environmental.

Front Yard Patio

Front Yard Patio

Front Yard Patio

A “garage” for matchbox cars was left for the family’s collection

Stonexus Magazine

I am proud to announce that this photograph of a wall I completed with the Unturned Stone was featured on the back cover of the most recent issue of Stonexus Magazine, the periodical publication of the Stone Foundation. In the magazine I alone am credited with the wall, though I completed it with Jesse Friedrichs, stone mason and Jody Maney, equipment operator and helper. It’s bomber!

stonexus magazine