DIY Flagstone Class: August 22nd

DIY Flagstone Class
On Saturday, I led the first DIY Flagstone class of the season at the NC Arboretum. Ten people took part in the workshop which started at 9 and lasted until 4. In the morning we looked at several samples in a slideshow and discussed the stones, tools and structural elements of a good drystone patio. Just before lunch, we reviewed the safety concerns we might encounter working together. After lunch we headed outside to the ‘Stone Classroom’, a corner of the Arboretum grounds where they have built a gigantic sandbox for paving projects. After a couple of demos, people worked in teams of two to build their own section of flagstone patio. People had fun and did some great, creative work.

Is Stone Green? Sustainability conference

Sustainability Conference

Yesterday I took part in the Mt. Green Sustainability Conference at Warren Wilson College. I led a session on Sustainability in Stonework, in which I introduced the Green Target tool I recently created. I talked about the four elements and what they mean: Function, Energy, Lifespan and Culture. We reviewed the cabin case study and then did a case study together on another project. You can see the images I used on the right side of the board in this picture.

Sustainability Conference

Classroom Setup


Sustainability ConferenceThis is the graphic I used to explain the Green Target. It was a brief session, so my explanation was shorter than I would have liked, but the case study really seemed to bring it together for people. After the class a few people stopped to talk to me about the tool. During my talk I spoke about the subjective, values driven nature of the tool. Maybe someday it could be empirical, but I’m not sure that’s necessary or helpful. I want to promote dialogue and discovery. There are plenty of certification programs out there and more emerging everyday. I wanted to create a way for everyone else to talk about all this stuff.

This is the first edition of the Daily Sledge, my company newsletter. I published it as the companion to a presentation I did.