Sustainability Case Study: The Cabin

Sustainability Case Study: The Cabin

Sustainability Case Study

A view of the finished stone cabin.

Sustainability Case Study: I designed this cabin and built it with Fred Lashley of the Unturned Stone during my time working there. It is structural stone with two foot thick walls and uses lime mortar. It is located in a remote section of the Black Mountains on privately held land. The owner uses it primarily as a weekend retreat.
The cabin scores well in most categories of the Green Target. Here is a detailed analysis of why:

Sustainability Case StudyFUNCTION +

  • Structural stone
  • Shelter
  • Rumford fireplace and a wood stove


  • Secondary, part-time residence


  • Lime mortar
  • Daily carpooling
  • Biodiesel to run equipment
  • Lintels are quarry waste


  • EVERYTHING, including water, had to be brought in
  • Very remote location
  • 50 minute one way commute doubled after Parkway closing


  • Built to last
  • Lime mortar- self healing and more flexible
  • Deep roof eaves help protect walls


  • Built in an extraordinarily harsh environment


  • Structural stonework is a dying craft
  • Brought in other masons to help with work
  • Great learning experience for everyone
  • Cabin intended for public trust when owner dies


  • Currently private property