Stone Walls Gallery

Stone Walls Gallery

This stone walls gallery showcases walls that Hammerhead has constructed for clients over the years. Retaining walls, freestanding walls, seating walls, and stone edging are all featured. Browse the images to gain ideas for your own space!

big granite walls

Walls of native gneiss and Corinthian granite support a set of bluestone steps.

The Faerie Garden

We built this big retaining wall of Hooper’s Creek. Designed in collaboration with Mardi Letson of Gardens by Mardi, the wall has a handful of niches to house the clients’ collection of antique glass insulators. LED lights and wires hidden in the wall illuminate the nights with a colorful glow.

stone walls gallery

The glass insulators in the drystone wall are wired for nighttime illumination. Photo by Amelia Fletcher

Niche in a drystone wall

Blue glass insulator recessed into a niche in a drystone wall.

stone walls gallery

A drystone retaining wall creates a faerie garden.

Faerie Garden entrance

Two stone sentinels surround the entrance to the Faerie Garden.

The Dentist Wall

This was one of Hammerhead’s first projects at a dentist office near downtown. I used a lot of the stone that was there from parts of a failing wall. Gary helped me build in the slab bench. That big slab for both parts of this bench as well a bench in Chapel Hill to celebrate the life of Grandpa Tony. It was a bigass stone. It’s laid completely dry and constructed of sandstone. More pictures here.

Snowy day panorama

Snowy day panorama

Drystone retaining wall

Drystone retaining wall

Seating walls

Transform your retaining wall into a sitting area


Springtime wall

Springtime wall

Hooper’s Creek Walls

Here’s a handful of walls that use Hooper’s Creek, a locally quarried granitic gneiss. It makes the best walls but it’s a bear to work with. This first wall was very challenging. It’s a retaining wall that grows into a freestanding structure. We built that garden as an attempt to protect the tree. The gateposts are split from a single boulder. When you walk through, you can match up the drill hole pattern. I like it when you can see the work of it.

A fun build around a water meter that could not be budged a bit. I cheated; there’s some mud under there, to help place a couple of tiny bits right under the cover, where the collar of the lid kept getting in my way!

drystone retaining wall with water meter cover

Water meter cover embedded into a drystone wall.

Drystone retaining wall in Asheville, North Carolina.

Looking down a drystone wall we built in Haw Creek.

big retaining wall

A big retaining wall of Hooper’s Creek stone.

Drystone retaining wall

stone wall terraces

Retaining walls form terraces in this stone garden.

Sandstone Walls

We like to use sandstone quarried in Tennessee. It’s wonderfully workable and has a wide range of colors. We can get some laser level coursing with this stone too, if so inclined.

elephant relief carving set into a drystone retaining wall

A relief carving of an elephant set into a drystone retaining wall

steps at end of a retaining wall

A short stack of steps provide access to the area above this retaining wall.

curved stone wall ends at boulder

A curved seating wall ends at a large site boulder.

drystone bench wall

This bench wall in Weaverville is made of sandstone from Tennessee.

Drystone retaining wall, corner with hidden culvert

Drystone retaining wall, corner with hidden culvert

stone steps in a retaining wall.

A set of steps is integrated into a sandstone retaining wall.

stone step emerge from dry laid wall

This is a close up of how the steps emerge from the dry stone wall. Super sturdy, clean lines- how Hammerhead rolls…

Garden steps, path, retaining wall

Garden steps, path, retaining wall

Local Fieldstone Walls

The supply of local fieldstone is always a challenge. Because the geology of these mountains is so wildly diverse, stone supplies are various, in look, in workability, and in reliable gathering. The Daggett Mountain fieldstone is probably the most reliable source of local stone. We used it to build the next couple of walls- another collaboration with Gardens by Mardi.

small fieldstone retaining wall

A small retaining wall built of North Carolina mountain stone.

boulder wall

A boulder wall built of Daggett Mountain stone.

North Carolina fieldstone wall

A solidly built wall of stone from the mountains of North Carolina.

Drystone retaining wall, local stone

Drystone retaining wall, local stone

Seating wall

Walls Here and There

This is a bit of a kitchen sink wall. We put just about every kind of stone we could find into it. This is from the Unturned Stone days. This required a machine because of how big some of the stones were.

Close-up of drystone retaining wall

Close-up of drystone retaining wall

I think this is a type of stone called quartzite- a metamorphosed sandstone. I like it because it has a certain chunkiness to it that I find appealing.

Drystone retaining wall with boulders

Drystone retaining wall with boulders

Drystone retaining wall

Drystone retaining wall

Another bit of kitchen sinkery. We used parts of the older wall- an impossibly hard and oddly shaped- as well as a lot of fieldstone from Tennessee.

a rustic drystone retaining wall

A rustic drystone retaining wall, using every rock fit to build with.

We even built a river rock wall- with lots of mortar!!! It’s not our typical approach, but we are capable. The client wanted to match the old walls in his neighborhood.

river rock wall

A short stone wall built river rock, using mortar.


We hope you enjoyed our stone walls gallery!

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