Stone Steps Gallery

Stone Steps Gallery

Welcome to the stone steps gallery! Explore drystone and mortared step projects that Hammerhead has completed over the years. We hope this gallery provides you with inspiration for your own stone steps project

stone steps

These stone steps lead through a lovely north Asheville garden.

Sandstone Steps

I like using the sandstone from Tennessee for steps. The slabs are great for creating very sturdy, predictable staircases. I favor them for many projects, as part of designing spaces within the concepts of ‘aging in place.’ I want to create spaces that are accessible for as many people as possible. A lot of folks retire here in Asheville, and I want them to be able to get around on their property and tend their gardens for as long as physically possible. Sturdy, wide steps with predictable and consistent rises and runs are safer and easier for people to use.

stone steps and retaining wall in a garden

A small set of slab steps is framed by a retaining wall.

I like these slabs for bench tops too!

stone pathway, steps and bench

A balancing bench anchors this view of the stone pathway

circular stone staircase

Large sandstone slabs are laid dry to create this tight radius circular staircase at this West Asheville home.

stone staircase

A circular staircase made of flat slabs of sandstone.

Stone steps & path

Stone steps & path

natural stone stoop

This stone stoop leads into a lovely north Asheville home.

steps in a wall

Steps appear to slide out of the front of this drystone wall.

stone steps in a retaining wall.

A set of steps is integrated into a sandstone retaining wall.

steps at end of a retaining wall

A short stack of steps provide access to the area above this retaining wall.

Stone steps lead down to a backyard hot tub.

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The River

This set of drystone steps replaced a set of failing timbers. The river motif is cut from bluestone from Pennsylvania. In the background you might catch glimpse ofa patio we built with a clean crib wall holding it up.

stone steps

A bluestone river runs through this set of drystone steps.

big stone steps

A bluestone river runs through this set of drystone steps.

stone steps laid dry

A wide set of stone steps lead to the house staircase and towards a stone patio in the Reynolds area.

Formal Staircase

There was a set of wooden steps here that were covered in stucco. The wood was pressure treated, but the sidewalk puddled water and the steps were rotting from the inside- the stucco wouldn’t ever let them dry out. They were only a few years old and spongy to the touch. In addition to building these steps, we dealt with the drainage situation, so the new steps wouldn’t always have wet feet.

formal stone steps

These formal stone steps makes a striking entrance to this south Asheville home.

stone staircase

A knee wall and railing add to this formal mortared stone staircase.

looking down stone steps

Looking down a set of sandstone steps.

Steps With Landings

A pretty common motif in the mountains is a gradual slope that needs steps, but not a bunch all in a row. Good layout requires a bit of feel. The slope will determine where the steps go, but it’s important to keep a steady walking rhythm going.

stone steps and landings

Stone steps and flagstone landings help to deal with the slope in the Asheville front yard.

stone steps and flagstone landings

Stone steps and flagstone landings lead into this home.

Drystone steps

Drystone steps

Hooper’s Creek and Pennsylvania Stone

I just love the look of Hooper’s Creek as a wall stone – and in this case, step risers – paired with Pennsylvania stone. In these two projects, we used the full-color variant of the Pennsylvania stone, though the blue would look great too.

stone steps

Drystone retaining walls frame these stone steps surfaced with Pennsylvania stone.

steps cut on a radius

Full color Pennsylvania steps lead from a patio up to a lawn and garden space.

Rugged Steps

Sometimes we use the Hooper’s on its own. While probably a little rough and rugged for a formal entrance, it makes a great set of garden steps.

rustic stone steps

These rugged stone steps run through a garden in Fairview.

Stone steps lead up to the Faerie Garden in Fairview, North Carolina.

Stone steps lead up to the Faerie Garden in Fairview, North Carolina.

Odds & Ends

This set of bluestone steps is from an old Unturned project. I’ve just always liked this image.

bluestone steps

Looking down a set of modern bluestone steps

This entry is made of Hooper’s Creek stone as it evokes the historic qualities of the house. The build up stone is from the Penrose quarry and the same as the original foundation.

flagstone entry path and steps

This natural stone entry path and steps make a lovely complement to this historic Asheville home

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