Stone Steps

Hammerhead Stoneworks designs and builds natural stone steps to suit every style and need. Rustic stone slabs provide access to hilly parts of your yard and garden. More formal steps and stoops provide lovely and enduring entryways to your home. Stone steps can be laid dry (without mortar) or mortared together. The decision to use mortar or not hinges on desired design, step location and type of material used.

On many of the older homes around Asheville, the original stairs that lead into the house have shifted in some way. Sometimes they have settled, making the top step into the house very tall. Other times, the ground at the bottom of the staircase has subsided, and the final step down is very tall. In addition to being awkward and looking odd, this can be dangerous. Because the standards for building steps and staircases have been around for so long, we are very accustomed to walking in a certain pattern on steps. Weird, uneven heights cause people to stumble and fall. At Hammerhead, we are meticulous in laying out our steps to have a consistent rise over run. Our steps walk comfortably and are safe and stable.