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Stone benches - harmony

Harmony Stone Bench

Add Seating to Your Landscape with Stone Benches

Stone benches are a wonderful addition to a garden or patio. Place a stone bench alongside a path or use one to create a lasting memorial. Hammerhead Stoneworks designs and builds natural stone benches that are beautiful, sturdy, and unique. Sound footings ensure the benches remain stable and flat and are not prone to settling.

Hammerhead Stoneworks can build you a freestanding bench or incorporate one into a retaining wall, and we can make them as rustic or as formal as you prefer. Our clients have added stone benches to their public spaces, in front of businesses, and along popular pedestrian routes.
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Unique Bench Designs by Hammerhead Stoneworks

We have designed and installed several boulder benches. The process is tedious but fun, and the result is so worth it. Click here to see a step-by-step process of installing a boulder bench.

Floating benches are another unique design that provides a nice sleek finish to your outdoor living space. We install the seat part of the bench to appear as though it is floating above the base of the bench.

Another cool design is that of the Harmony Stone Bench, one of our favorites. With a cairn for one leg and a rugged boulder as the other, this bench adds an artistic element to any space.

stone bench with glass marbles

Glass marbles inlaid into a groove in the base of this natural stone bench provide a splash of color.

This bench featured in a Japanese garden is a natural, organic shape.

This 60-inch bench is bigger than our standard benches. We’re happy to create benches of all sizes!

Custom Engraved Benches

We can design you a stone bench with a custom engraving that will last for years to come. Create a special memorial, provide a message to those who sit, or give tribute to a favorite quote. A custom engraved bench is available in any of the designs above.

Stone benches - engraved

Engraved boulder bench – Bearwallow Baptist Church – Gerton, NC

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