Seating Walls in Outdoor Living Spaces

Seating walls

A seating wall creates a sitting area within a patio.

Seating Walls in Outdoor Living Spaces

A seating wall – also referred to as a sitting wall or a bench wall – is a wall you can sit on. Seating walls help to create “rooms” in an exterior living space, while offering weatherproof outdoor seating. Typically, a seating wall is about 18 inches tall, or about the average height of a kitchen chair. At Hammerhead we often build our walls dry, or without mortar, but we include mortar for the caps of our seating walls. The mortared cap as the seat part of a seating wall makes it sturdy and stable, providing maximum comfort.

Seating walls can be built into retaining walls, or they can be their own freestanding structures. Hammerhead can design a seating wall to provide seating around a fire pit and to edge patios and sidewalks.

Seating Walls Incorporated into Retaining Walls



Seating Walls as Freestanding Structures

seating walls

Hammerhead’s stone masons-in-training demonstrate the versatility of freestanding seating walls.

If you are interested in adding outdoor seating, a seating wall may be the right choice for you. Contact us today to discuss seating wall placement for your own project. To discover additional outdoor seating options, check out some of Hammerhead’s bench designs.

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