These portfolios give you a chance to explore Hammerhead’s projects in greater detail. There are multiple vies of the finished product, as well as images showing work in progress. These portfolios mostly focus on our traditional stone work. To see our mosaic projects in greater depth and detail, explore this link.

Stone Cabin

In the spring of 2007, Fred Lashley and I undertook the most ambitious masonry project of our time together at the Unturned Stone. For two summers, we built a stone cabin for a private owner in a remote site in the Black Mountains of western North Carolina.

Sacred Circle Fire Ring

The Sacred Circle is a ceremonial fire pit, built by Hammerhead Stoneworks Inc. on the outskirts of Asheville, North Carolina. It is forty-five feet in diameter and required over 50 tons of stone. Used as a sacred gathering place for a diverse community of spiritual practices, it can accommodate groups of well over one hundred people.

Ironwoods Neighborhood Entry Sign

Designed and built in collaboration with blacksmith Lynda Metcalfe, this stone entry sign is located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Biltmore Forest Wall

Boulders and drystone retaining walls blend together seamlessly in this Biltmore Forest retaining wall.

The Dentist Wall

This is one of my first projects as Hammerhead. I replaced a tumbled down rock pile with this drystone retaining wall.

Weaverville Entrance Sign

This sign, commissioned by the Town of Weaverville, features a circular moongate. Located at Lake Louise, it is a recognizable landmark as you enter Weaverville.