On an off-season vacation to Italy many years ago, I fell in love with the mosaic art on the floors of Venice. Highly polished marbles, porphyry and other stones from all around the known world were incorporated into stunning designs and patterns. Some of these mosaics have lasted 1500 years. Those floors have inspired me to create mosaics using the materials I have access to- locally quarried stones and granite scraps from the counter top industry and natural stone tiles. My mosaics are inspired by Venice, but are firmly rooted in the here and now and have their own distinctive voice. My mosaic designs can be incorporated into floors, walls or hanging art pieces.

If you are interested in knowing more about natural stone mosaics or commissioning your own piece of work, please contact Marc Archambault at (828) 337-7582 or e-mail

Public Art

Hammerhead Stoneworks creates large scale public art mosaics. Our current project involves making mosaics for several elementary schools in Norfolk, Virginia.

Phoenix Rising

“Phoenix Rising” is natural stone mosaic utilizes marble, travertine, sandstone, onyx and a host of other stones to create an enduring piece of public art. Commissioned by the Norfolk Public Art Commission, it is installed at Richard Bowling Elementary School in Norfolk, Virginia. It depicts two students creating artwork together. It is meant to inspire the students to be creative and to see the great potential that the arts offer them in school and in life.

The Dragon Family

“The Dragon Family” mosaic represents that story of Camp Allen Elementary School in Norfolk, Virginia. The dragon is the school mascot, but means so much more to the students. This school is a place where young people are protected and supported and encouraged to learn, to grow, to create, and to make friends. To me the dragon on the wall represents the whole school community- its principal, its vice principal and administrators, its teachers and assistants, its custodians and volunteers, its amazing students, its parents- everyone who contributes and everyone who takes part.

The Tiny Kingdom

Southside STEM Academy at Campostella has a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It was important that my mosaic, “The Tiny Kingdom”, reflect that commitment. I chose this very basic approach to technology because these principles are still at the root of how people learn about their world. The center of the mosaic depicts two kids who are exploring their world together. The girl is using her magnifying glass to look at a moon snail shell. The boy is drawing a picture of a cicada wing. These simple activities are at the heart of scientific inquiry: curiosity, observation, documentation, exploration.

Birds of Every Feather

Smaller than the others and residing outside, “Birds of Every Feather” is a natural stone mosaic at Ocean View Elementary School in Norfolk, Virginia. All of the birds depicted in the mosaic are native to the environs.

Blue Spiral

Commissioned by the City of Gainesville, “The Blue Spiral” is a 225 square foot public art stone mosaic patio. The design is inspired by the fossil rich limestones of Florida. Like the process of discovering a seashell embedded in an ancient rock, a nautilus shape in the patio emerges to the eye slowly.

Private Commissions

While much of our large scale mosaic work has been done for public art commissions, we are happy to create personal pieces for individuals or businesses. Please contact Marc Archambault at (828) 337-7582 or e-mail for more information.


The GreenMan is a towering natural stone mosaic located in the taproom of Asheville, North Carolina’s Green Man Brewery. The mosaic is 20 feet tall and 16 feet wide and features stones from throughout the region. Adapted from the craft brewer’s logo, the GreenMan greets guests as they arrive to the facility on Buxton Avenue in downtown Asheville.

The Mountain Waterfall Mosaic

The Mountain Waterfall Mosaic is located at First Baptist Church of Asheville, and it was the last part of the Memorial Garden that we completed there. The waterfall was a collaborative effort between Hammerhead and the crew at Medallion Pools led by Mark Dorsey.

Flat Work: Patios and Floors

At Hammerhead, we love to make mosaic patios, applying the creativity and problem-solving that makes our big wall pieces so much fun to a functional, walking surface. Sometimes this takes the form of a central design element like a medallion or it can manifest as an abstract pattern. These projects often allow us to use salvaged counter top materials; the colorful granite scraps add to the palette.

Small Wall Art Mosaics

Not all of my mosaics are so large. I also like to make smaller framable wall art. These smaller pieces let me engage my creative vision differently. I get to play with new and intriguing combinations of stone and explore new ways of expressing myself. They also encourage me to experiment with new tools and techniques which then inform my larger works. See my gallery here, including some works currently available for sale.

Garden Guardians

Garden Guardians are freestanding garden sculptures that feature a mosaic inlay set into a large, natural stone. Set in concrete below grade, they are beautiful and enduring works of art. Adorn your garden os pay tribute to a loved one by commissioning a Garden Guardian.

If you are interested in knowing more about natural stone mosaics or commissioning your own piece of work, please contact Marc Archambault at (828) 337-7582 or e-mail