Mosaic Patios

a mosaic stone patio

The Village, a mosaic stone rug made of reclaimed granite scraps and bluestone

Mosaic Patios

Hammerhead Stoneworks offers mosaic patios, a unique and artistic approach to flagstone. Through careful design and stone selection, we craft tightly fitted paths and patios of natural stone. In order to ensure that all of the stones fit beautifully and sturdily, we cut and hone every stone by hand. Images, forms, and stories come alive in our stones. In addition to being beautiful and artistic, we ensure that our mosaic patios are functional walking surfaces as well.

artistic patio

The Sacred Circle has a celestial theme to the central mosaic patio

The Mosaic Patio Process

Phase one of the mosaic patio involves coming up with the perfect design. We can work from your drawings or develop a design with you. During design development, we will also select stones as color and texture are important components to choosing your ideal mosaic surface. We like to use reclaimed granite that we salvage from the refuse piles of countertop fabricators. By doing so we are able to greatly expand our color palette, while being good stewards of the environment!

The design options are limitless: abstract forms, geometric shapes, natural forms and specific images can all be turned into beautiful and functional stone surfaces.

In the next phase, we fabricate your mosaic patio in our Asheville, North Carolina shop. We make life-sized templates of the finished piece, and then we cut our stone accordingly. While many of our customers are local and can come see the patio in process, we also take a lot of pictures and send them to our clients via email as it’s fun to watch a mosaic patio develop.

Finally, we begin installation of your mosaic patio. An important component of this is making sure we have a suitable and stable subgrade. In many cases our flagstone mosaics are laid dry, meaning we use no concrete. This has several advantages including durability, a reduced environmental impact, and good drainage.

Not an Asheville resident? No problem. We can make a mosaic patio for you, wherever you are!

natural stone labyrinth

The central rosette of a stone labyrinth made of bluestone and sandstone from Tennessee

Mosaic Patios For Your Business

Mosaic patios are an excellent choice for commercial and institutional settings that want to use natural stone. Due to the tight tolerances between the stones and our careful attention to the walking surface, we can create ADA compliant patios and floors for your business. Entryways, courtyards, walkways, and outdoor dining areas can be elevated with our mosaic patios. Further, we can even work your logo into the mosaic! The creative design options are truly endless.

mosaic patios

A walkway designed and completed in our mosaic style

Contact us today, and let’s start discussing your mosaic patio project.

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