Mosaic Patios

At Hammerhead, we love to make mosaic patios, applying the creativity and problem-solving that makes our big wall pieces so much fun to a functional, walking surface. Sometimes this takes the form of a central design element like a medallion or it can manifest as an abstract pattern. These projects often allow us to use salvaged counter top materials; the colorful granite scraps add to the palette.

The following gallery is a collection of some of our mosaic flatwork. If you would like to commissioning a mosaic patio- or perhaps a specific medallion for your project- please contact Marc Archambault at (828) 337-7582 or e-mail

Dragonfly Medallion

This dragonfly mosaic is part of a larger patio project. It represents the transformational aspect of death and rebirth.

DATE: Autumn 2019
DIMENSIONS: 5′ in diameter

Blue Spiral

Commissioned by the City of Gainesville, “The Blue Spiral” is a 225 square foot public art stone mosaic patio. The design is inspired by the fossil rich limestones of Florida. Like the process of discovering a seashell embedded in an ancient rock, a nautilus shape in the patio emerges to the eye slowly

DATE: Autumn 2011
DIMENSIONS: 15′ by 15′

Sacred Circle

A celestial theme emerges around the fire pit at this ecumenical gathering space outside of Asheville called the Sacred Circle.

DATE: Winter 2013
DIMENSIONS: 45′ in diameter


Chartres Labyrinth

I’m not sure this counts as a mosaic patio exactly, but it brings together the techniques and the detail-oriented work necessary to produce a beautiful and durable patio floor surface. One of our largest and most complex projects ever.

DATE: 2015
DIMENSIONS: 42′ in diameter

The Village

The Village mosaic patio

“The Village”

The Village is a mosaic patio at the Boys & Girls Club of Henderson County. The outer rings are engraved with the name of their Hall of Fame donors, volunteers, and supporters.

DATE: Spring 2015
DIMENSIONS: 12′ in diameter

Eight Leaves, Nine Stories

This was my first cut stone patio project and an amazing learning experience. I detailed the fabrication process shortly after building it; it is fascinating to look back on it and see how much has changed about my approach to this type of work. Inspired by a luxurious handmade rug, eight leaves of Pennsylvania bluestone float nine stories above downtown Asheville. Created in collaboration with Interior Designer Krista Washam LaBlue, this drystone flagging adorns a small balcony overlooking the city.

DATE: Autumn 2009
DIMENSIONS: 5′ by 12′ (or so, I don’t actually remember anymore!)

Pisgah Topo Map

This path with stone steps was designed to look like a topographical map of Mount Pisgah. This is a small piece, but I someday hope to do this on a grand, map scale.

DATE: Summer 2018
DIMENSIONS: 3.5′ by 4′

Oak Leaf

Oak Leaf

This is a small detail in a set of steps, made from salvaged granite. It’s a fun way to add some personal meaning into a large project.

DATE: Autumn 2019
DIMENSIONS: 13″ by 13″