Masonry Services

Hammerhead Stoneworks builds flagstone patios & paths, steps, retaining walls, benches, fire pits, and other features. Founded in 2009 by mason Marc Archambault, Hammerhead Stoneworks is based in Asheville and serves Western North Carolina with unparalleled stone craftsmanship, creative designs and attentive customer service. Marc has been working with stone since 1996. He teaches workshops at the North Carolina Arboretum and is actively involved with the Stone Foundation. Marc’s stone designs balance boundless creativity with bombproof structure to create strong and beautiful stoneworks meant to last lifetimes. Contact Marc to discuss your upcoming project and for a free estimate. Call (828) 337-7582 or e-mail Marc.

Patios for Outdoor Living

flagstone patios

A front yard stone patio with table and chairs

Hammerhead Stoneworks specializes in designing and building flagstone paths and patios. Whether you are adding an outdoor room or redesigning your front entrance, we provide expert design along with durable and beautiful stone construction. Laid in compacted gravel, drystone patios are as stable as a mortared patios, but require no costly concrete slab. Dry laid patios last longer too, as they are able to effectively drain away rainwater. Flagstone paths and patios are a great way to turn your yard into an outdoor room.

Drystone Retaining Walls

Drystone retaining wall, sandstone

Drystone retaining wall, sandstone

Hammerhead Stoneworks designs and builds drystone retaining walls. These walls are ideal for supporting patios and pathways, creating garden beds or leveling a section in your yard. Gravity and careful craftsmanship ensure that the walls stay where we build them. Drystone walls drain rainwater very effectively and do not get pushed over by a buildup of hydrostatic pressure, like a mortared or cement wall will. By avoiding mortar and concrete footers, drystone walls are also better for the environment.

Stone Steps & Staircases

drystone steps

Spiral stone staircase, drystone

Hammerhead Stoneworks designs and builds natural stone steps to suit every style and need. Rustic stone slabs provide access to hilly parts of your yard and garden. More formal steps and stoops provide lovely and enduring entryways to your home. Stone steps can be laid dry (without mortar) or mortared together. The decision to use mortar or not hinges on desired design, step location and type of material used.

Benches & Other Features

stone benches

Harmony stone bench at First Baptist Church of Asheville

As you are creating your ideal backyard space, consider stone features such as sturdy stone benches, fire pits or a pizza oven.

Call (828) 337-7582 or e-mail Marc for more information or to schedule your free estimate.