This is the catchall category, for everything else that doesn’t fit neatly elsewhere on this site. You’ll find technical information, philosophical musings, and other esoterica.

Technical Information

Drystone Walls: The basis for my drystone wall class
Is Stone Green?: Sustainability in stone work construction
Green Ideas- Designers: Sustainability tips for people designing with stone.
Green Ideas- Builders: Good ideas for building sustainably with stone.
Targeting Sustainable Stonework: A graphic tool- The Target- I made up to help builders think about sustainability in their work.
Case Study- The Cabin: A case study using the Target Tool
Case Study- Residential Front Yard: Another project through the lens of the Target Tool
Drystone Over Concrete?: Some ideas for installing dry laid flagstone over existing concrete, without removing it
Invisible Fire Pit: A design idea for small patios
Invisible Fire Pit: Same idea, different locale
Dealing With Drainage: An approach to dealing with subterranean drainage on a patio

Philosophical Musings

Granite Seedlings: A treatise on stonework and sustainability
Why Dry?: A treatise on the benefits of drystone construction
Get Good At Failure: The gift of failing
Artist, Craftsman, Designer: What am I, and when?


Top Ten Photos: My favorite images from the first ten years
Stone Bookshelf: An incomplete list of my favorite stone books
The Hammers: Just hammers!