Good Ideas for Green Stonework

There are many things masons and wallers can do to reduce their impact on the environment and to build sustainable stonework. Many of the items on this list also save money, time and aggravation as well as promote work safety and well being.

  • Build dry whenever possible
  • Use lime mortar
  • Build it to last
  • Build with local stone
  • Avoid tumbled products
  • Patronize locally owned hardware stores
  • Maintain tools rather than replace
  • Buy the best, most durable tools you can afford
  • Clean mortar tools with sand first, then rinse briefly with water
  • Hay bales at the mixer can contain the mess of waste mortar
  • Minimize saw work; use hammers and chisels!
  • Offer defunct small engines and power tools to local trade schools for parts or projects
  • Use demolition waste as hearting or backfill (when appropriate)
  • Return useable pallets to the stoneyard
  • Turn scrap pallets into kindling
  • Reuse wire baskets for recyclables, tree protectors, compost bins, etc.
  • Carpool
  • Only run trucks when necessary
  • Keep truck tires properly inflated
  • Run equipment on a biodiesel blend (check with your mechanic first!)
  • Pack your lunch
  • Travel mug or thermos for your coffee
  • Rumford fireboxes are the most efficient
  • Glass doors can help reduce fireplace heat loss
  • Lock top dampers minimize heat loss through the chimney

This list is always growing and is created and sustained with incredible insight and valuable input from the masons and wallers of the Stone Foundation. Thanks be to the StoneMad.
Please submit your ideas to marc (at) hammerheadstoneworks (dot) com


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