Garden Guardians

Garden Guardians

Garden Guardians are freestanding garden sculptures set in concrete below grade. While labor-intensive to produce, the results are worth it. Whether used to adorn your garden or lawn or to memorialize a loved one, our Garden Guardians are unique, meaningful monuments that will add a special touch to any space.



Coyote was the first Garden Guardian I ever created. The coyote itself is made of a polished black marble that was inlaid into a slab of Tennessee sandstone. Coyote is now located in the garden of a suburban home near Atlanta.

garden guardian

Great Blue Heron

The heron was my second piece. It was commissioned by a client while we were working on her front entrance. The heron is significant in that she had just moved here from Swan Quarter, a coastal NC town that had lots of blue herons. It is meant to serve as a reminder of their old home at the coast. The stone is Blue Bahia, a Brazilian stone, while the beak is travertine. The legs are a Vermont marble, called Champlain Black.

Natural stone stoop and heron mosaic

Framed Dendrite Picture Stone

The dendrite stone screen, or framed picture stone, features a beautiful dendrite pattern in a slab of 2′ by 3′. Despite their appearance, dendrites aren’t actually fossils of a fern or other plant but result from mineral intrusion into the stone.
We designed the frame and had a friend fabricate it for us. The frame secures the stone without requiring any drill holes or epoxy. For installation, the frame is bolted to a subterranean concrete slab.

garden guardian


Three Little Birds

Three Little Birds was commissioned by a family living on Town Mountain near downtown Asheville. The Blue Jay was created out of Blue Bahia stone (the same as the heron above). The Northern Cardinal was created from Breccia Pernice, an Italian stone. The American Goldfinch is made of Persian gold, a type of travertine. All three birds are inlaid into a slab of Tennessee sandstone.


Red Fox Family (In Progress)

This sleeping red fox is part of a commission currently in progress. There will be a family of four foxes when it is complete. The foxes are made of Breccia Pernice, the same Italian stone used for the Northern Cardinal above.

garden guardian