Flagstone Patios

Flagstone Patios by Hammerhead Stoneworks

patio with cobblestone trench drain

A trench drain directly below the cobblestones help drain this low lying patio.

Transform your muddy yard or replace that time-consuming lawn with a flagstone patio, and start living outside! Hammerhead’s patios are laid dry, and require no concrete, mortar or grout. By avoiding concrete slabs, mortar, and grout, we create a patio that drains well, has a lower overall carbon footprint, and lasts longer. Additionally, careful placement of the stones and providing good support underneath them ensures that the stones won’t wiggle under your toes.

Due to our years of experience dealing with challenging slopes of western North Carolina, we understand drainage and erosion control and can help you devise long-term strategies not just for your patio but for your entire area.

to discuss adding outdoor living space to your home or business.

flagstone patios

A lovely and functional backyard patio of natural flagstone

flagstone patios

A front yard stone patio with table and chairs

Think big with a fire pit or pizza oven, and add even more function to your patio space.

circular patio with fire pit

A river rock fire pit is the centerpiece of this circular patio living space

invisible fire pit in patio

Roasting marshmallows over an “invisible” fire pit embedded into a stone patio

Pizza oven and countertop

Pizza oven and countertop

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