Flagstone Gallery Featuring Patios & Pathways

Flagstone Gallery Featuring Patios & Pathways

This flagstone gallery features various projects completed by Hammerhead Stoneworks. Showcased are flagstone patios, mosaic patios, flagstone pathways, stone entryways, and stone step paths. Browse the images for ideas for your own space!

cut stone floor

A close up of the leaf pattern in an artistic stone floor.

Tennessee Sandstone

This colorful sandstone from Tennessee is one my favorites for flatwork of all kind. Flat and durable, it’s a wonderful walking surface. We especially love using large slabs to create patios. The range of colors available is amazing, and it’s very workable with hammer and chisel.

flagstone gallery

Large slabs of colorful natural flagstone make up this backyard patio and living space with a fire pit for cooking

patio with cobblestone trench drain

A trench drain directly below the cobblestones help drain this low lying patio.

flagstone pathway over concrete

This drystone path is laid over an ugly and cracked concrete slab, saving significant demo costs

stone path by flower bed

A stone path leads by a flower bed.

flagstone gallery

A natural stone path leads by a garden bed at this Asheville home

Step-Stone Path

stone path through gate

A stone path and step combo lead through a gate at the entrance of this Asheville home.

stone patio with chairs

A front yard stone patio with table and chairs

A front yard stone patio with table and chairs

A drystone retaining wall supports this patio

flagstone gallery

A lovely and functional backyard patio of natural flagstone


flagstone gallery

A garden path made of sandstone

This path with stone steps was designed to look like a topographical map of Mount Pisgah. Read about the process here.

heart shaped stone in path

We cut this heart shaped flagstone for a pathway

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Fire Pits

Patios and fire pits just go together.

flagstone gallery

A river rock fire pit is the centerpiece of this circular patio living space

I’m not sure if we invented this idea or not, but I’d never seen one before. The invisible fire pit saves patio space by hiding the burn area under the stone. We make a sturdy lid to cover the fire pit and make sure that it drains properly. Take the lid off when you want to have a fire and leave it covered when you don’t. A grate to elevate the wood allows enough oxygen to get to the fire and get it burning.

invisible fire pit in patio

Roasting marshmallows over a fire pit embedded in a stone patio

fire pit lid in stone patio

This stone covers an invisible fire pit in a natural stone patio


Sacred Circle

This project combined so much of what we do at Hammerhead. In addition to our traditional flagstone, the center has our mosaic patio approach. The walls are all laid dry and are obsessively built. I like the way the walls tie into the boulders, a detail that we gravitate towards. Additionally, you can find it on Google Earth, if you know where to look. Learn more about the Sacred Circle.

flagstone gallery

The Sacred Circle is a huge ceremonial gathering space made of natural stone.

flagstone gallery

The Sacred Circle has a celestial theme to the central mosaic patio

stone patio with planet design

Jupiter and Mars are made of granite scraps, and are they laid into this ceremonial fire pit patio.


Pennsylvania Stone

I love the stone that comes from Pennsylvania. The bluestone is well known and turns up frequently in dimensional patios (squared off, tile-like pieces.) I lean more towards the random shapes, though it’s also a favorite material for our mosaic patios. A less renowned variant is called full-color, which is greenish-blueish-brown. Wonderful textures and even the occasional fossil can be found in Pennsylvania Stone.

stone pathway

Pennsylvania stone- full-color and bluestone- make up this entryway

stone entryway

Pennsylvania stone- full-color and bluestone- make up this entryway

flagstone path to gazebo

A flagstone path leads to this gazebo.

drystone pathway

Full color Pennsylvania stone (cousin to bluestone) is used in this drystone path

bluestone patio

Dimensional bluestone makes a lovely patio behind this modern Asheville home.


Hooper’s Creek

This granitic gneiss is quarried in nearby Fletcher. Though not the smoothest stone we have available, it has beautiful grain and texture. And it looks like it belongs to these mountains, which lends an air of gravity and authenticity to a place. It’s hard and sharp and the pieces have an angular quality to them.

stone pathway

Drystone pathway made of Hooper’s Creek

flagstone pathway

A very linear stone path of granitic gneiss

flagstone pathway

Local to Asheville, this flagstone has an angular quality

natural stone patio

A locally quarried stone makes up this Asheville patio

This project won a 2016 Griffin Award for historic rehabilitation from the Preservation Society of Asheville & Buncombe County. We did the pathway as well as the steps, taking pains to match the mortar/grout to the original construction.

flagstone entry path and steps

This natural stone entry path and steps make a lovely complement to this historic Asheville home


The Village

The Village is a mosaic patio created for the Boys and Girls Club of Henderson County. It’s a favorite piece of mine. We used granite scraps saved for the waste piles at counter top fabrication shops. I like it when we take junk and make art out of it.

natural stone mosaic

The Village, a mosaic stone rug made of reclaimed granite scraps and bluestone

a mosaic stone patio

The Village, a mosaic stone rug made of reclaimed granite scraps and bluestone

mosaic stone rug

Detail of the Village, a stone rug made of reclaimed granite scraps and bluestone

Flagstone Sidewalk for a Town of Weaverville Park

We built this drystone sidewalk for the Town of Weaverville’s Nature Park, which runs parallel to Main Street in downtown. These were some of the biggest slabs of stone. I like the wall here too.

natural stone sidewalk

A sidewalk of natural stone created for the Town of Weaverville

city sidewalk of flagstone

A stone sidewalk for Weaverville is sturdy and accessible for all

Mosaic Patios

These are some of my favorite projects. There’s something about that crisp a line, honed into rough stone.
The labyrinth is the ultimate in that crispness.

natural stone labyrinth

The central rosette of a stone labyrinth made of bluestone and sandstone from Tennessee.

This piece was my first really mosaic floors. It’s all Pennsylvania stone, blues and browns, built in collaboration with Krista Washam LaBlue.

artistic stone floor

This artistic stone floor has a leaf pattern cut with very crisp lines.

stone mosaic floor with leaves and vines

The leaf and vine pattern of this stone mosaic floor is evident in this panorama

The Blue Spiral was the first public art commission.

natural stone mosaic patio

The Blue Spiral is a natural stone mosaic patio created for the City of Gainesville, Florida

The Stream Path was created in collaboration with Vision Design Collaborative. The stone reflects the theme of river coursing from the mosaic water feature.

artistic stone path

Bluestone and sandstone combine to create the Stream Path, which leads to a water feature mosaic

Odds & Ends

circular cobblestone patio

The homeowner spent fifteen years salvaging old cobblestones from around Asheville so we could make this circular patio space,

flagstone path with pebbles

A creative flagstone path uses cut stone and beach pebbles

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