Flagstone Entryways

flagstone entry path and steps

This natural stone entry path and steps make a lovely complement to this historic Asheville home

Flagstone Entryways

Showcase the entrance of your home with one of Hammerhead’s beautiful flagstone entryways. Flagstone entryways are a wonderful way to welcome guests and increase curb appeal. Additionally, they are a relatively inexpensive way to give the face of your house a makeover.

flagstone entryways

A stone path and step combo lead through a gate at the entrance of this Asheville home.

Design Considerations

When creating an entryway for a home, it is important to choose the perfect material. The stone’s color and texture are important. What is the stone’s character? Is it rough and rustic or crisp and clean? What style are of flagstone and steps is most appropriate?

There are practical design considerations as well. It is important that an entry path drain properly. By sloping the top surface as well as installing subterranean piping as necessary, we work to convey rainwater away from your house and foundation. Additionally, slope is an important factor when thinking about accessibility for all your visitors. How steep is the path? Are steps necessary?

Dealing With Steps

In the mountains of North Carolina, almost everybody’s entryway requires at least a couple of steps. Often we are called in to address problems with existing steps. In some cases, time has worked its magic and pathways and steps have settled, leaving weird gaps and dangerous drop offs. In other cases, poorly built stairs may end up with odd and inconsistent heights. Walking steps is an almost automatic function for most people; when the steps are various heights and depths, it can be dangerous, particularly for people with walking challenges.

At Hammerhead we take great pride in building steps out of natural stone that are as consistent and as predictable as those crafted by a master carpenter. Explore our steps page to see some of the many solutions we can create for you.

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flagstone entryways

A dry laid patio of bluestone by Asheville stone masons Hammerhead Stoneworks

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