Do-it-yourself Flagstone Class

Flagstone Class

Hammerhead Stoneworks offers a Do-It-Yourself class on creating flagstone paths and patios. Learn how to build your own stone walkway in this flagstone class.

Flagstone Class

Photo by Mac Franklin of the NC Arboretum

Thanks to everyone who came out for the spring workshop at the Arboretum. See you in the fall!
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This is a shortened version of the slideshow I created for the classroom portion of the DIY Flagstone class. We spend the first part of the day using the slideshow to guide a discussion on the basics. We talk about the necessary site prep, the principles of good structure and various joinery styles. Flagstone choices, stone yards and the proper tools are also covered. I have worked as a teacher and professional trainer and am very comfortable leading groups. My style is interactive and engaging. The small class size allows me to know what each participant is hoping to accomplish. I try to guide the presentation material towards their specific needs.

After the slideshow and discussion portion of the class, we go outside. After some brief demonstrations of basic safety, stone-moving, and shaping techniques (shown above) everyone gets to work. I usually have people work in teams of two, building a small flagstone patio area together. More advanced techniques are demonstrated throughout this part of the class. It’s fun and satisfying way to spend a day.


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