Drystone Steps

stone steps and retaining wall in a garden

A small set of slab steps is framed by a retaining wall.

Drystone Steps

Drystone steps are laid with mortar or concrete. Careful placement and gravity work together to keep them in place. In addition to being better for the environment, drystone steps are very durable.

Thoughtful design is a key part of executing a successful set of steps. Figuring the rise over run is the starting point, followed by finding the right rhythm of walking, particularly if there are landings needed. The concept of ‘aging in place’ is important to how Hammerhead approaches step construction. A lot of folks retire here in Asheville and thoughtful design can help them to enjoy life on their property for a long, long time. Sturdy, wide steps with predictable and consistent rises and runs are safer and easier for people to use and promote accessibility for all people.

Contact Hammerhead Stoneworks to get started creating your own stone staircase! Call Marc at (828) 337-7582 or e-mail him hammerheadstone@gmail.com

steps in a wall

Steps appear to slide out of the front of this drystone wall.

stone steps

These stone steps lead through a lovely north Asheville garden.

big stone steps

A bluestone river runs through this set of drystone steps.

rustic stone steps

These rugged stone steps run through a garden in Fairview.

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