The Daily Sledge: the Hammerhead Newsletter

The Daily Sledge Newsletter

The Daily Sledge is a newsletter that I publish about stonework and my company. While each page focuses on a key concept, the last page always features nine images that reflect that concept- a portfolio page for comparing different styles, stones and types of work. Though my work features heavily in the newsletter, I usually include other masons and locales.
Feel free to download, print and share the newsletters. Low resolution versions- for faster download- are available below. All the content, unless otherwise noted is © Marc Archambault. Please contact me if you would like to use the material in any way or would like a high resolution version.

June 2009: Sustainability in Stonework Construction

newsletter I published the first newsletter as the companion to a presentation I did at the Mt. Green Conference discussing sustainability and how it relates to stonework. This newsletter introduced the visual tool I developed called a Green Target to analyze myriad aspects of a project and featured eight projects that demonstrate promising practices in sustainable construction.

September 2009: Amazing Paving- Flagstone Paths & Patios

newsletterThe second newsletter was the handout for my Do-it-yourself Flagstone Paths and Patios class I teach at the NC Arboretum. This version of the Sledge features a graphic detailing a cross section of a drystone paving and a step-by-step photo essay on how to shape flagstones.

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