About Asheville Stone Mason Marc Archambault

Asheville stone mason Marc Archambault offers traditional masonry services and creates natural stone mosaics for discerning clients in the Southeast US.

About Asheville Stone Mason Marc Archambault

In the mosaic workspace
My name is Marc Archambault and I am a stone mason and artist based in Asheville, North Carolina. I practice traditional, old school masonry techniques and create natural stone mosaics. I started setting stone in 1997 and have steadily grown in my ability to imagine a project and implement complex designs.

My stonework balances bomber structure and graceful aesthetics. I am a strong advocate of drystone construction, preferring whenever possible to avoid using mortar or concrete. Drystone construction creates structures that are more durable and beautiful than their mortared counterparts. Working dry is also better for the environment. I am skilled with mortared work as well, and take care to choose the best methods for each project.

In addition to building with stone, I am devoted to sharing the craft with others. I have taught stonework classes and maintain an active website and stonework blog. I am a member of The Stone Foundation and the Society of American Mosaic Artists. Sustainability in stonework construction is a passion of mine and I have written and presented on this topic.

Contacting Hammerhead

Please call or e-mail me to discuss your upcoming project or design ideas. Call (828) 337-7582 or e-mail me.

Where We work

We provide traditional masonry services in Asheville, North Carolina and the surrounding areas. We create patios and mosaics and other features, like stone benches, for discerning clients around the southeast; we have worked in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and across North Carolina. We also offer our mosaics nationwide. We will make your mosaic in our local shop and bring it to you and install it.

About the Hammerhead Crew

Fred Lashley

Fred joined Hammerhead in 2013. She and I had worked together for several years at the Unturned Stone. She was my first stone work teacher. In addition to her gifts with traditional masonry, she is an expert trail designer and builder. Her carpentry and other construction skills benefit us on many a project.

Jonathan Frederick

Jonathan joined in 2013 as well. Originally from Louisiana, he has a degree in painting from LSU. His gifts with color and composition show up in all his walls and patios. He is the glue guy – the member of the crew that helps stick it all together.

About Hammerhead Stoneworks

Hammerhead Stoneworks is my company, founded in spring 2009. I worked for The Unturned Stone for six years as a mason, designer, and project manager. I work in and around Asheville, but can be persuaded to go just about anywhere for the right project. Since founding Hammerhead, I have done projects in Chapel Hill, NC, Rock Hill, SC, Atlanta, GA and Gainesville, FL.

Stone steps and retaining walls built by Hammerhead Stoneworks A structural stone sign designed by Hammerhead


Dry-laid flagstone path Harmony stone bench at First Baptist Church of Asheville

Contact Hammerhead Stoneworks: Call Marc at (828) 337-7582 or e-mail him hammerheadstone@gmail.com