The Vault / Communal Urn

We are prepping to finish the communal urn project for the Methodist Church in West Asheville. I have been working on a locking system for urn, so that only ashes are ever placed inside. This is my second door. I was drilling holes into the first, to anchor the lock hardware and a large chunk of the front corner popped off. I had a big dust mask on at the time, so the profanities were suitably muffled. This is the second door, though I am now considered a third door, with a built in handle, carved out of the stone. I think that would be sturdier and more durable than adding something made of steel. Still mulling that one over…

The door and locking system for the communal urn

I made this inverted bowl out of a piece of scrap as a cap to the urn. I found it surprisingly difficult to cut this simple shape. The urn door, cap, and engraved central stone are all Indiana limestone.

I made a hat for an urn