“The Treehouse Orchestra” Mosaic Update

Larchmont Elementary School has a steelpan ensemble, the inspiration for this figure, and the whole mosaic.

We’re almost there. Another figure is completed. The steelpan player is now completed. I still have to detail her steelpan though. The heads of her mallets are cut from bricks that were part of the old school building, that was torn down to make way for the new building.

The whole thing is over nine feet tall and seventeen feet wide.

This panorama shows the whole piece. This was taken when the steelpan girl was still on a different table, being detailed. The only two kids that still need some cutting are the violinist and the bass player.

Behind the scenes, so to speak

Front view

This fellow is playing the tambourine. Flipped over, you can see the numbering scheme I sued to keep track of the pieces. On smaller things like this, it’s relatively easy to figure out where pieces go. When you have three hundred random hexagons making up the background, it’s really important to have things identified.