Pennsylvania Steps

We did this project back around Thanksgiving. We used Pennsylvania stone for the step treads and walking surfaces. The wall stone was salvaged from a section we demolished to make way for the new staircase. It’s local stone and we tried to match the joint style of the existing wall (to the left in the image.) We can’t really match the patina of age, but time will do that for us.

A mortared wall supports the bottom of this Pennsylvania staircase

The stoop was challenging. There was a decent slab of concrete under there that we preserved, though we narrowed it down. It was well-tied to the foundation of the house, meaning our steps are cohesive with the house; they can’t settle away from the house. To get our steps to lay out properly, we had to use some thin veneer stone on the face of the slab. I hate that stuff, but will use it when it’s the best solution for a problem like this. This was the best case scenario here because we got to keep the existing slab (saves time & money & remains tied to the foundation) and made the steps look structurally similar to the work we had done at the driveway.

A basic cut stone design fills out the top of the landing. A nice detail that Fred worked up.

A mortared stoop leads to a drystone pathway.