North Asheville Stone Pathways

A front walkway of natural stone in North Asheville

I was in the neighborhood and so got to visit this project from earlier this year. We got to do two different kinds of stone paths: a formal flagstone walkway and an informal stepping stone path. The formal stone pathway leads from the sidewalk to the front door. I prefer the more orderly look in these situations. I feel that the main entrance- the way the guests enter the home- should be more formal and approachable. It is wide and flat and really requires no thought to navigate.

An informal garden walkway of stepping stones

The step stone path on the other hand, winds through the side yard, a garden area. The owners called it the dog entrance, since they primarily used it when they were returning from walking their dogs through the neighborhood. They are really the only people who use it. In this context, I prefer the less formal look. If feels like a garden path, more rustic and private. While these two paths are near each other, it’s clear to anyone approaching which is the right path to follow to enter the house. Or course there are other clues- like hey, there’s a door- but I like that the stonework reinforces that information.