Starting the Communal Urn

Getting started on the communal urn.

We started the Communal Urn this week, pouring a footer and starting the stonework. It will be a while before we go back to it; the next major step is to install the inscription stone, which I’m working on, but will take me a long time to complete. This is the main body of the vault, which is made of sandstone from Tennessee. To expedite the process, we prepared the stones before we arrived, shaping them the contour of the vault, which is 42″ in diameter. We are using a piece of rebar in the center to get the radius right, though two hours into fussing with all measuring I realized there was a shortcut I could have employed that would have made it all soooo much easier. Next time! We’re using the green foam as a template for the ‘donut’- the limestone piece that will have the inscription in it. The highest stone on the back of the vault (also called ‘the well’, ‘the turret’, and ‘the silo’ today) indicated finished height of this section and where the ‘donut’ will rest.

Getting started on the communal urn. The green foam is a template for the inscription stone.