Sondley Estate Stone Wall

A drystone wall ends in a rugged boulder

We did a little bit of work for a regular client of ours who lives in Sondley Estate in the Haw Creek part of Asheville. I got to revisit this large wall we built several years ago. It’s a low drystone wall, most of it free-standing. It was a rugged build- the stone we had to work with didn’t do us any favors. I love the results but wish it had a more formalized cap, that reached from front to back. The stone just didn’t really allow for that. The wall is sturdy though; the only damage it has sustained thus far was a couple of stone at the top were pulled loose by a bear digging around for a wasps nest. Easy fix- particularly since the bear removed the wasps for us!

An old drystone wall we built. I wish it had a cap, but the material didn’t really allow for that.