The Donut

The centerpiece of the communal urn on the carving table

This odd arrangement is what we’re calling ‘The Donut’- a large circular bit of limestone that will be the centerpiece of the communal urn we’re building for a local Methodist church. The stone is on a massive table that Rogers & Son Welding built for me. It’s about 54″ tall, so I can chisel the lettering in at a comfortable height. The only problem with the table is that is vibrates in response to the impact of my hammering. That’s what the bucket hanging from the center is for. I got the idea from an episode of NOVA about how skyscrapers deal with high winds. It’s a version of a harmonic dampener; basically it absorbs some measure of the vibrations. It’s not especially well-engineered; it is literally just a bucket hanging from a rope, but it works.