Weaverville Fire Pit

When we bought this house this past summer, there was already a fire pit. Really, it was a big hole in the yard with some river rock tumbling into it. My sons and I pulled the river rock out- and found an enormous black widow living deep in the recesses. We lined the walls with fire brick, and just this past weekend, added a sandstone cap. My colleague Johnny prepared the cap pieces for us, trimming down a pile of scrap stone from the shop to make them all. There are fifteen pieces total! The fire pit is almost six feet across. I worried that it would seem too big, but I prefer it this way. When I’m starting and tending the fire I can sit on the cap, which is nice. We had a fire this weekend, complete with s’mores.

Our new fire pit in action.

A big fire pit in a Weaverville backyard (mine!)