New Garden Guardians

Garden Guardian stone inlays of fox kits

I recently traveled down to Alpharetta- a suburb of Atlanta- to install these two Garden Guardians. That’s what I call my freestanding stone inlay pieces. This client has the first one I ever made, a coyote mounted into a slab of Tennessee sandstone. It’s interesting to me to see how the concept and my execution has evolved over time. I don’t get to make a lot of these, but they are fun and challenging.

A Garden Guardian of a coyote.

The fox kits are mounted into slabs of Pennsylvania bluestone that have been thermally treated. They are heated at with an oxyacetylene torch which makes the surface crackle and pop leaving a very consistent texture. The red stone is known as Breccia Pernice and originates from Italy. If you look at the ‘downward kit’ piece, you might notice at the right hand edge that you can see the circular drill marks from when they quarried the bluestone. I like it when I get to utilize a form like that in a piece.

A Garden Guardian stone inlay of a playful fox kit

A Garden Guardian stone inlay of a sleeping fox kit