New Patio & A Garden Box

A sandstone patio gets a final rinse off before we finish the project.

We built this patio last week at a cute little urban homestead in West Asheville. It’s amazing the amount of garden space these people have carved out of their small lot. They have a bounty strawberry plants which are overflowing their beds sending out runners. They gave me a whole batch of little plants. I brought them home and had to make an on-the-fly garden box. I am a fan of raise beds and this is a new idea that I’ve been working on, using reclaimed stone and bits of steel to create the bed. The strawberry patch is my second bed and better than the first. The stone is three-quarter inch thick cladding that I scrounged from the Tennessee Marble Company. it’ll be more permanent and Wood, that’s for sure. And it takes up a lot less space than the traditional fully bedded retaining wall. And as I get better at it, I can make them relatively quickly. At some point I can imagine making nice decorative planting boxes using a similar technique.

A garden bed made of reclaimed stone, held in place by angle iron.