Stone Mosaic Memorial Wall Hangings

Mosaic of a robin with some flowers

I am offering a limited number of small mosaic commissions for this holiday season. These will be custom designed birds of your choosing, for the person of your choosing. The images shown with this post are samples, but these particular pieces already have homes. These are all 12“ x 12“, though a bit smaller or a bit larger are options. Pricing will vary depending on the size, the level of detail, the type of stone we choose, and whether or not you want the artwork framed. Pricing will include freight. I expect that most mosaics will cost between $500 to $1000.
If you are interested, message me directly. Thank you!

A stone mosaic of a Northern Cardinal.


(I know his seems early, but I usually have this idea around Thanksgiving, when it’s too late to make and ship mosaics!)

Stone Memorial Wall Hangings

Black-capped chickadee stone mosaic