Mosaic Ready!

The next mosaic for my ongoing public art project in Norfolk, Virginia is ready to go. Last week we finished the last details and prepped it for installation. We adhered a fiberglas mesh to the back of the mosaic- which was already laying face down. We then divided it into ‘sensible’ sections. That means smaller pieces that are not too big, not too small, without too many weird edges shapes. The idea being that these smaller sections are easier to manage and apply to the wall.

“The Care Takers” mosaic being separated into pieces for freight and installation.

We track the shape of each piece on a map of the overall design. Each piece is assigned a number- which don’t really correspond to any installation sequence- and that is listed on the map as well, making it easier to find whatever pieces are next to go onto the wall while we are hanging it.

“The Care Takers” mosaic map which tells us what piece goes where for when we start installing.

Once sectioned, the pieces are laid out on styrofoam and stacked onto a pallet. This is how they will make the ride to Norfolk. This time we are leaving the paper on, as a travel precaution and because our fiberglas adhesion system leaves a lot to be desired. Once the pieces are on the wall, we’ll remove the paper. We’ve got a steam cleaner that seems (so far, in small test runs) to take the paper off quickly and with a minimum of water.

“The Care Takers” mosaic being prepped for freighting to Norfolk for installation.