Fire Ring

The last detail at the Beast Wall project was to add a low fire ring in the back yard. Accessed by the bridge we built, the fire ring is made of stone that we found on site way back when we built the big wall last fall. The stone was salvaged or scavenged from old Asheville walls by a previous owner. You might see paint on some of the stones or old mortar. The ring is five feet in diameter and there’s about three feet clear in the center for the fire. We lined the interior with fire brick to protect the stone. Te gravel bottom will allow it to drain rain water. By the nature of the rough salvaged stone, we mortared the exterior part of the ring together. The fire brick are embedded in mortar and the area between the brick and stone is also plugged with mud.

A low fire ring at a recent project. Beast Wall is visible in the background

A fire ring of reclaimed stone from around Asheville. There was a limited supply on site, enough for a short fire ring.