Carolina Wren

It’s been a year of Carolina Wrens. I had a nest at my shop, tucked in a set of shelves laden with my mosaic tiles. I saw the babies in the nest, but did not see them depart. A single egg was left behind, once the premises were vacated.

Today, Sunday as I write this, four baby wrens left the nest on our porch. It was perfectly timed just after breakfast, so we all could watch them take their first, unsteady flights. Zoe (our dog) got very agitated about it all and growled and barked at the back door. I think she was more tuned into our excitement than anything else. The fledglings all made it out okay, though one did end up stuck in a cabinet we have on the back porch for a few minutes.

Also, I’m working on a Carolina Wren mosaic. The bottom image is the nest that was at the shop with Momma sitting on the eggs.

A stone mosaic of a Carolina Wren