Patio, Stone Wall and Fire Pit

This is a wall and fire pit project from a couple of years ago. We had done a front walkway for this client. He enjoyed the experience so much, he came to work for Hammerhead. Newly retired, he wanted something to keep him busy and learning. We can do that! While he was in our employ, we collaborated on this backyard project at his house.

I don’t think you can discern from the pictures, but this patio is elliptical. If I recall, it’s 12 feet from the entrance to the fire pit, and 15 feet long. It’s a tricky business laying out an ellipse on this scale. It involved multiple pivot points and just the right sized loop of string. I like the elliptical shape, though it gave us some challenges as to how to lay out the openings in the wall. The walls at the far ends create unusual angles at the entries. Not terrible, just a little weird.

A drystone wall surrounds an elliptical patio and frames a low fire pit/place.

The concept was at the fire pit was set into the wall, as a way of preserving patio space. I like how the seating cap of the wall becomes the cap of the fire pit. The wall is laid dry, though there is a bead of mortar under the capstones. Years ago I bought that big chunk of sandstone which we used as the hearth. I do that sometimes, buy some thing I think it’s cool not knowing where it will go. Those things always find a home.

A low fire pit set into a drystone wall

A fire pit set into a stone wall.

We build the wall and the fire pit. The homeowner/coworker did the patio himself. I think he did a great job!