Time Lapse Mosaic

This is a time lapse video of the girl featured in our next mosaic for Norfolk, Virginia. This piece is called “The Care Takers” and will be installed at Ocean View Elementary School. Kristin helped me do this rough layout of the stones. The girl is holding an oyster, which she will be putting in the water. I don’t like the way the oyster came out and will redo that. Ocean View has a really strong commitment to the environment and actually has programs that teach kids to be stewards of the ocean and do hands-on work with oysters and aquaculture.

All the pieces laid out and readu to go.

This is the way the finished piece will look.

The girl from the Ocean View mosaic laid out in reverse.

The whole mosaic (except the eyes) laid out in reverse. It’s glued to paper and will have a mesh applied to the back for transport and installation.