Mud Season Current Project

I don’t like to share pictures of new projects in winter and spring because the stone work is always surrounded by fields of mud. And it has been very rainy of late. So to enjoy these images, you’ll have to mentally enhance the scenes with your favorite flowers. This is the first part of a large project we are doing in the town of Biltmore Forest. We are doing two large paths with steps and walls to provide access to the expansive backyard.

Stone pathway and steps through a hilly yard

The walls and step risers are made of Hooper’s Creek and the walking surfaces are Pennsylvania stone. The walls and paving pathways are laid dry, but the steps are mortared, which allows us the ability to create overhangs and create a more formal look.

Stone steps adjacent to a retaining wall.

Creepy-eyeless bunny in front of a lovely drystone wall.

The weird creep bunny with no eyes is a dog toy that haunts the job site. He is generally a benevolent, if soggy, presence.