Birds of Stone

I like to make birds out of stone. I think it’s because of how weightless birds appear when in flight. It is fun to make them out of something as heavy and earthbound as stone. It also affords me the opportunity to play with color and texture in new and interesting ways.

Stone birds on the wall

These days I like to make small wall hanging birds. Most recently they have been 12“ x 12“ and I have them framed locally by Frugal Framer. Someday I will start selling pieces like this on Etsy. In the meantime, if you see one you like, or can imagine your perfect bird, contact me at (828) 337-7582 or e-mail

Travertine and marble combine to make this stone mosaic of a goldfinch

A stone mosaic of a Northern Cardinal.

Stone Mosaic Memorial Wall Hangings

Mosaic of a robin with some flowers

Stone Memorial Wall Hangings

Black-capped chickadee stone mosaic

Birds in the garden

I’ve made two garden guardians of birds. The great blue heron is still one of my favorite pieces; I loved working with the Blue Bahia, a very hard to find and vividly colored stone from Brazil.

This Garden Guardian, of a Great Blue Heron, is made of Blue Bahia, a gorgeous stone from Brazil

This Garden Guardian depicts three native birds hanging out on a branch.

“Birds of Every Feather

“Birds Of Every Feather“ was the first mosaic I completed for my public art project in Norfolk, Virginia. it’s all native birds. I used a variety of pebbles and marbles for the eyes. One of my favorite pictures is of a bunch of disembodied bird heads with shiny eyes staring at me.

natural stone bird mosaic

Natural stone mosaic completed for Ocean View Elementary School in Norfolk, Virginia.

Several different stone bird heads with eyes being epoxied into place.

Other mosaic birds

Birds turn up all over the place in my mosaic work!

Radiant white marble makes this flying dove glow.

Stone mosaic “Phoenix Rising” adorns the hallway of Richard Bowling Elementary School in Norfolk, Virginia. Image © 2018 Dave Chance