Stone Mosaic Birds

Stone Mosaic Birds

I’ve got a thing for making birds out of stone. Something about how something as delicate as feathers and as weightless as flight can be rendered in something as heavy and bound by gravity as stone.


I created this wall-hanging mosaic as a gift for my mom.

White Dove

This dove was completed as part of a mosaic I made for a Mother’s Day gift. Read about this piece here.

Stone mosaic birds

Birds of Every Feather

natural stone bird mosaic

Natural stone mosaic completed for Ocean View Elementary School in Norfolk, Virginia.

Great Blue Heron “Garden Guardian”

Stone mosaic birds

Another White Dove – My First Mosaic

Looking back on my first mosaic, Flight, I noticed how different this dove is than my more recent dove mosaic at the top of this page.

Coming Soon: Phoenix

stone mosaic birds

“Phoenix” is currently in progress as the next installation of the series for Norfolk, VA schools. Each wing is close to 7 feet long!