The Stone of the Green Man Mosaic

Close up of natural stone mosaic mural of Green Man

Close up of natural stone mosaic mural of Green Man

The Green Man is made exclusively of natural stone, much of it sourced regionally. There are certain stones we used that are echoes of other aspects of Asheville’s rich architectural history.

The skin tones of the Green Man are a type of marble that comes from Tennessee. I chose it because of its color and grain. The black lines that run through it give his skin texture and depth, appropriate for an ancient woodland spirit. Inside the Grove Arcade, a famous shopping destination in downtown Asheville, the walls are clad with the same stone.

The eyebrows are made of a green stone, that I believe is serpentine. Sometimes it’s hard to be sure about the what and where of a stone because I accumulate so much material. I definitely hoard stone and that makes it hard to recall all the details. I believe the serpentine to be from Vermont. There are several older buildings throughout downtown that have some measure of exterior cladding that uses the same or similar materials. Kilwin’s Chocolates on Battery Park springs to mind, but there are others as well. It’s a brittle stone and many of the buildings have cracks in their facades.

The eye shadows are slate from an undisclosed source. I found it at a stone yard, recently removed from an old house. I bought it then with no plans for it. Did I mention that I hoard stone?

The nose shadow is a gray marble that allegedly was once quarried somewhere in North Carolina. According to the guy I bought it from- a stone sculptor who was downsizing his shop to retire- it is no longer quarried and impossible to get. Again, I found it and bought it because I thought it was cool. I have some stones on the yard that have been moved one hundred times waiting for the right thing to become. They are all beautiful and full of promise and potential.