Invisible Fire Pit

An invisible fire pit with its cover in place.

A thick stone lid covers an invisible fire pit installed in a drystone patio.

We’re creating an outdoor space for a family in Montford. Part of the design is an invisible fire pit, a technique we developed as a way to save patio space. We use fire brick to create the place to burn below grade. We don’t go too deep, so the fire is able to draw air from above. If it was too deep the fire would starve for oxygen. The lid is quite thick and heavy enough that we decided to cut it into three pieces, making it much more manageable. 99% of the time, it’s just a patio, but when you want to have a fire, you open the lid (handles provided) and enjoy the ambiance.

Invisible fire pit installed in a patio.

Invisible fire pit installed in patio, with the cover off.