Mayflower Path

The renovations on the Mayflower House are almost complete. I went back there last week to detail the pathway, cleaning it up and-at long last- installing pebbles in all the openings. The pebbles really completed the piece. This is a detail of the path as it curves from the driveway to the long section that runs along the face of the house.

The path begins at the driveway, with these two steps. It was a real challenge to shoehorn these slabs into the space between the house and dilapidated retaining wall. The steps are almost five feet across and over 500 pounds each.

There’s one pebble opening inside the house, in the center of the entry landing. Originally the idea was to epoxy those pebbles in place, but for now, they are loose as well. I imagine someone coming to visit and walking the length of the pathway and becoming curious about the pebbles. Once inside the house, that’s when the bend over and pick one up and fully explore the little stones, feeling their weight and texture, discovering the fossil and other treasures hidden in the opening. My camera doesn’t respond well to low light, so this blurry image is the best I have for now.
Please note the massive door and the placement of the hinge. The door and the pathway work together to blend the interior and exterior spaces.

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