Green Man Floor

I didn’t get the gig I made this green man design for, but I liked the idea enough to try out making the eyes today.

I printed the templates and used pattern shears to cut them. Used for cutting stained glass cartoons, the shears have three blades instead of two and cut out a thin line of paper between the pieces. In stained glass, this accounts for the width of the lead came or the foil. In a stone floor, that’s the joint between the pieces. In the image above you can see the strands of paper left over; they are 1/16″ wide.

I used a scrap of marble I had lying around. I like the color and the workability, but the stone is too frail to hold up in the fine points. Were I actually making this, I would lean towards Silestone or something else tougher. These pieces are on the small side, so I would also find a way to make the whole eye a single piece. This would quicken installation as well as increase the durability.