Lablue II: Mud room/entryway

The current project includes two interior floors in a lovely house in the Ramble, an upscale Asheville neighborhood. The primary challenge has been the thickness of the stone. I’ve been looking all over trying to find the appropriate thicknesses in the sizes to accomplish the design. Setting the stone has been time-consuming. I’m using a medium bed thinset, to accommodate the fact that some stones are thin, some are thick, and ideally, in the end they all level up.

The main pathways that connect the different areas of the house are made of full color Pennsylvania bluestone. I’m using larger stones for this and trying to be fairly exacting with the joinery. Pebbles trails and fossils appear throughout. The background field- what I am calling the areas surrounding the main paths- are made of a locally quarried stone they call Emerald Gray. I’m incorporating the occasional piece of gray-green slate and single pebbles too. The joinery in the background field is less exacting, the pieces smaller. As the design emerges, I’m really digging the sharp contrast between the two elements.

To extreme right of the image above, you can see a pebble paw. I stuck this in there today, to commemorate the two times the family’s chocolate labs came barreling through my work area and squished around stones already bedded in thinset. The pebble paw also celebrates the bear that climbed the tree outside Abie’s room last night (maybe 12′ away from his window.) The bear was trying to get away from my neighbor’s black lab, who has the pleasing quirk of only barking when there are bears in the yard.

I’m very pleased to announce that I have been selected to complete a public art project in Gainesville, Florida. I will be building a drystone patio of a yet to be determined design outside a new building at the Gainesville Regional Utility’s Operations Center. This is crazy exciting to me and I’ll post more about it as I learn more and begin the process.

One thought on “Lablue II: Mud room/entryway

  1. Congratulations on your selection for the Gainesville public art project! Can’t wait to hear more.

    Love the pebble paws in this floor.

    Fondly, Danise

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