Zipper Walkway


I’m working on a walkway that I’m calling the zipper design. The stones from each side interlock a little bit like the teeth on a zipper. There’s a lot of cutting involved, but that’s fun for me. There are lots of small squares running down the middle of the design. Those will be filled with pieces of the same material. I can easily imagine another take on this design where the gravel remains in the holes, or each one is filled with something else entirely: a tile, a mosaic, a letter engraved. I may introduce another type of stone in a couple of these openings. I’m saving the fun part for last.


This litany of prepositions makes sure I place my corner template properly. It only looks like a square. The little almost 6″ by 6″ squares I’m knocking out will go back into the spaces left in the design above.

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