That’s how I roll…

There will be a whole chapter on rollers in my book “The Skinny Guy’s Guide to Moving Heavy $#*%” when I get around to writing it.

I’m setting two stone steps inside a residence under renovation by Carlton Architecture. Each step is seven feet across and six inches tall. I spent a long, long time honing the slabs down to the perfect size and shape. Most challenging was slimming them down from seven or eight inches thick to a precise six inches. Lots of kerfing with grinders and the big saw. Then lots of chipping. Then lots more kerfing. And so on.

The bottom tread, set today, is made of three pieces. Tomorrow I’ll set the top tread, two stones across. I’m working stone to wood tolerances, which is fun, particularly with the mass involved. The stones all weigh between 200 and 300 pounds. The stones are bedded in mortar but there’s no grout line.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so zen on a project before. I disappear in dust, locked away in my safety gear: goggles, respirator and hearing protection, happy in the isolation. I take great satisfaction in moving the big stones by myself, taking such care to not damage the faces. Each movement matters. The focus is intense and the pace is so measured.

Just me and the stones, as I like it.

One thought on “That’s how I roll…

  1. Wow! That is heavy stone-and it looks great! What I really loved though was the stone carving segment. The word Faith looked beautiful and I hope to see more stuff like that. Did you know the old stone carvers like John Stevens carved their names at the bottom of gravestones they created. I always look in New England graveyards to see if I can find the name of the long gone carver.

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