Recent Works: Walls & web

This short stack of sandstone slab steps finished off the J & J wall, which features the time capsule of the previous post.

I like the details of a project, like this time capsule, demonstrated by amateur hand model, me. Removing the ‘plug’ begins with knowing where to find it. I am lucky I know where it is, as it blends into the wall seamlessly. I don’t have a strong memory for particular stones in a project, so I bet in a few months I would have to wiggle a bunch of stones until I found this one.

We used a doggy pill bottle for the time capsule. Once it’s full, a bead of wax will be applied to the seam at the cap, to make sure no moisture can penetrate. As both the homeowners are artists, I expect the time capsule will be filled with tiny works of art.

My contribution to the time capsule? A marble, of course.

I built this wall last week. The original wall was made of something akin to slate or perhaps a phyllite. Whatever it was, it was kinda ugly and none too friendly to work with. I re-used what I could, but much of the new wall is made of locally available granitic gneiss.

I tend to get more web work done in the colder months. I have recently made some changes:
I posted an earlier version of the sustainability essay that appeared in the most recent issue of Stonexus.
I also posted a new Green Target case study, also from this article.
I gave the Artist, Craftsman or Designer essay its own page.
Coming soon: BENCHLAB!